Various Artists

You're Not From Around Here: Limited 'Blood Drop' Vinyl LP


Release Date: 8 March, 2024

The previously unissued soundtrack to the 1964 noir, You’re Not From Around Here, discovered after 55 years in the Louis Wayne Moody archive. A hobo’s bindle full of twangy tremolo, reverb-drenched revenge, and existential echo. Songs of alienation, paranoia, dark alleys, betrayal, prison, prostitution, trains, gun play, feminine betrayal, and the dusty, lonely road of self-discovery. A black and white affair trapped under the weight of a post-war Technicolor allure, You’re Not From Around Here lives in a universe of moral ambiguity.

1. Gene Sikora - A Song For Mary
2. Cheryl Thompson - Black Night
3. Bailey’s Nervous Kats - First Love
4. Don McGinnis - Good Luck To You
5. Shelley Duncan - Somewhere Down The Line
6. Attila & The Huns - The Lonely Huns
7. Alvie Self - Lonely Walk
8. Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs - Dark Side Of The Moon
9. The Jades - Lost Train
10. Hayden Thompson – 16.88
11. Slim Martin - Haunted After Midnight
12. The Expresso’s - Wandering
13. Nicky Roberts - Spaceman (Out Of Nowhere)
14. Buzz Clifford - Wouldn’t It Be Nice (To Have Wings And Fly)
15. Houston And Dorsey - Ebb Tide
16. Charlie Megira - Tomorrow’s Gone

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