Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan: CD


Release Date: 13 October, 2023

Zach Bryan prepares to release his self-titled follow up record to American Heartbreak on August 25th. The album will not only showcase Zach’s incredible songwriting but will also include some very special features including Kasey Musgraves, The Lumineers & War and Treaty. The focus single for album release is “I Remember Everything (feat. Kasey Musgraves). Zach wrote & produced the entire album himself! Zach has been continuing to sell out arenas and headline festivals all over the country as he continues to rapidly grow as one of the most influential new artists of this generation. “Something in the Orange” just became the longest standing Country song on the Billboard Top 100 this Century, marking this only the beginning of Zach continuing to break records as he goes! 

1. Fear and Fridays (Poem) 
2. Overtime
3. Summertime’s Close 
4. East Side of Sorrow 
5. Hey Driver (ft. War and Treaty)
6. Fear and Fridays
7. Ticking 
8. Holy Roller (ft. Sierra Ferrell)
9. Jake’s Piano - Long Island 
10. El Dorado
11. I Remember Everything (ft. Kacey Musgraves) 
12. Tourniquet
13. Spotless (ft. The Lumineers)
14. Tradesman
15. Smaller Acts
16. Oklahoman Son

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